Summer 100 Tournament

The Southern Utah Horseshoe Pitchers Association invites you to participate in the 2017 Summer 100 shoe toss. The format of this Horseshoe Pitching event is reminiscent of the method for qualifying to pitch in the World Tournament when the Worlds was held in Utah several decades ago. Then, Legendary contestants, such as Fernando Isais and Ted Allen, pitched 200 shoes and the 36 players with the most points scored were seeded into the Championship Class. It is said that one would need to pitch above 475 points just to make the cut! If anyone fell short, they could re-enter as many times as they wanted to try to make the cut.  *NHPA Sanctioned Event*

Dates: TBA
Times: TBA
Location: St. George Horseshoe Courts (JC Snow Park) Map: 

Entry: $20 per entry. $4 Junior/Cadet entry ($20 if the Jr. would like to try for scholarship money). You may enter as many times as you would like.

Payout: $16 for each entry will go to the Prize fund. There will be a graduated payout to 1 in 3 participants. (One third of all entries will get prize money, those closer to the top will get more!). Juniors who entered at $4 will be eligible for a trophy/plaque; those who entered at $20 will be eligible for a scholarship.

Set up: You will need to locate Jerry Carter, Jerry Harper, or Herman Reynolds at the Courts, they are overseeing the on-site pitching. There will be a scorekeeper/witness at one end and a Judge at the other end to keep everyone honest and to measure close shoes. There is 1 class only. There will be a handicap which will be based on Alan Francis' NATSTATS % at the time the Tournament starts (it is presently 87.92%). The basic premise is that you are likely going to get into the prize money if in 100 shoes you can pitch over your NATSTATS average. The higher you pitch over your average, the more $ you can win!

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