Miss Ringer Pageant

Announcing the revival of an Legendary Utah World Tournament Tradition.  In 2017, the storied "Miss Ringer" Pageant will once again be held and a Ringer Queen will be crowned to reign over the World Tournament.

A little history in Miss Ringer pageantry

The Miss Ringer Pageant was a popular event that coincided with the World Tournament during its tenure in Murray Utah in the mid 1900's.  The contestants were primarily young women from the Salt Lake Valley.  Most years winners of the pageant were selected primarily on a beauty assessment platform.  The chosen Queen and her two Attendants were lavished as royalty during the World Tournament festivities and were on hand for the opening ceremonies as well as the Championship play.  They made appearances every night and some years even had a throne (reserved seats).  They were presented on a parade float during the Utah Pioneer Day's of '47 parade and by winning Miss Ringer the Queen qualified to compete in the Miss Utah Pageant.  In fact, the 1959 Miss Ringer went on to win "Miss Utah" in 1962 and later that same year was runner up in the Miss America Pageant!     

A Pageant Reborn

2017 will mark the return of the Miss Ringer Pageant.  The renewed pageant will not only pay homage to the legendary pageant, but it has been updated to appeal to our modern time.  Rather then rely solely on physical appearance, the pageant will now include a performance (talent) and a Q&A or speech.  Attire will be in the throwback theme to dress styles popular in the 1950's.  Contestant entry will be restricted only to World Tournament participants...we want a Miss Ringer who can also make a ringer too!  The pageant will be open to "MRS" Ringers as well.  Eligible ages will span from the Teens into the Mid-Twenties.  Miss(orMrs) Ringer's duty will be to reign over the World Tournament.  Key appearances will be scheduled and they will have the best seats in the house!  Winners and contestants will receive various awards and prizes.

Date: Saturday, July 15th

Time: 7:00PM

Location: Dixie Center Theater

Entry Deadline: July 1st

Spectator Admission Tickets:

$5.00 per person/$15.00 Family