Throwback Days

In Honor of the Legends of the past, all competitors are invited to participate in "Throwback Days."  A Throwback Day is one day each session when you are encouraged to wear the traditional White uniform once common to World Horseshoe Tournaments.  If you want to pitch like a pro, it can't hurt to dress like a pro.



We are working on to have vendors at the 2017 World Tournament with white t-shirts with vintage NHPA insignia as well as Hats such as the Fedora, which was commonly worn at the Murray tournaments.  Check back here for more info on these vendors.  


Wear your Horseshoe Whites on the following days:

  • First 3-day Session - Tuesday July 18th
  • Second 3-day session - Friday July 21st
  • Third 3-day session - Tuesday July 25th
  • Any other day you want to!

The White Horseshoe uniform was first introduced in the 1920's by the Legendary showman Putt Mossman.  Though not always required, all participants were strongly encouraged to wear white during the years the World Tournament was held in Murray Utah, and most did.  With the passage of time, the emphasis on the all white uniform has waned in the NHPA, yet even today a few horseshoe pitchers still honor this tradition. 

Don't Forget! 

Be sure to get plenty of Photos while sporting your Legendary Horseshoe Whites!