Warm Up Tournament

• All sign-ups will be on site from 8:00am to 9:00am;   -  Max of 98 entries.
• The tournament starts at 10:00am.
• Entry fee is $25 (100% payback minus scorekeeper fees).
• NO handicap will be used.
• 6 person classes and 40 shoe games.
• Current Natstats will be used for seeding
• Tournament Director: Rob Hagman
• Scorekeepers will be paid $10 for the shift.

The purpose is to give the World Tournament's technical personnel, statisticians, and facilities managers an opportunity to test equipment and methods.  It also helps settle in the clay.  In 2013 the Warm-up tournament filled up more than an hour before start time with many more wanting to play, so be there early to ensure you get in!