Cutthroat Championship of the Universe

The St. George Horseshoe Pitching Club invites anyone and everyone to pitch in the Cutthroat Championship of the Universe!  Be prepared to challenge your mental and pitching fortitude in this strategy-oriented and truly zany event that has been called "a powerhouse of fun to pitch in!"  There are three players pitching in each game and "stealing" ringers from your competitors is as much fun, if not more, than making your own

Date: Wednesday, July 19th
Time: 8:00 PM
Location: St. George Horseshoe Courts (JC Snow Park)

Entry: $20 per entry.

Pre-registration: Entries are capped at 90 participants.  You can pre-register by emailing the Tournament Director (Dennis Duszynski).  Registrations will also be taken at the SUHPA booth in the Dixie Center through 7:00 PM on July 18th (or until tournament is full).

Set upFor those of you who are new to the Cutthroat style of pitching, rest assured you will be given the quick and easy instructions, on site, just before the games begin.  Here is a basic example of how it is played: Three person games are played to 30 points.  Just ringers are counted, no close points.  Making a lot of ringers is not as important as making the right ringers. For example, Player A goes first and pitches a ringer, B goes second and also pitches one. C goes next and fails to pitch one. The player who pitched the last ringer receives all the ringer points - player B will receive 6 points. Player B is the new leader and must now go first - B pitches 2 ringers, A pitches 1, then C pitches 1. Player C gets 12 points for 4 accumulated ringers and is the new leader. The next sequence will be C first, B, then A.  Play is to 30 points, but be careful, if you go over 30 and you will "burst" and lose all points and must begin again at 0.  Each contestant will pitch 5 games with the top 3 moving on to a final match.  Some games could be completed in just 20 shoes, others might go as far as 60. It's not a matter of how many ringers, it's when you make your ringers. A 30% player can compete with 70% player just by stealing a few big innings.  There will be at least two divisions (under 20% and over 20%).  In rollicking good fun many of the traditional horseshoe rules will be ignored, for example, trash talking is not only allowable, but in clean-good-fun it is encouraged!  This is a NON-SANCTIONED tournament and results will NOT be submitted to NATSTATS.

Payout: Cash prizes will be awarded (as well as a super duper prize to the individual winning the crown of  "Champion of the Universe"), Youth may receive prize money without harm to their NHPA standing.  75% of each entry will go to the Prize fund, the other 25% is a fundraiser for our local club...we appreciate your support!).