Ringer Nationals

The Southern Utah Horseshoe Pitchers Association invites you to participate in the Ringer Nationals.  This exciting tournament is a Ringers-Only Format.  Yep, that's right, close no longer counts, it's Ringers-only!  We invite all horseshoe pitchers to come give the unique Ringer-only style of pitching a try.  All skill levels are welcome, you will be matched up with those closest to your qualifying Ringer %.   We look forward to a strong payout for both 30 and 40 foot divisions.  If you have pitched in Horseshoe Pitching's "Horseshoe Tour" you will recognize the familiar 30-shoe elimination bracket-format.

Date:  July 22
Time: 8:00 PM
Location: St. George Horseshoe Courts (JC Snow Park) 

Entry: $75 per adult entry. $20 Junior/Cadet entry.  YOU MUST PRE-QUALIFY TO ENTER.  Entries capped at 60, first-come-first-served.

Pre-Qualifying: To qualify for the Ringer Nationals, you must establish a preliminary ringer percent by participating in the Summer 100.  Your ringer percent from the Summer 100 will seed you into your Ringer Nationals bracket.

Set up: Games are 30-Shoes, Ringers-only, Count-all.  Brackets will consist of 4 players each with the closest ringer percentages.  Players will first pitch a round of the-best-out-of-three games against their seeded opponent.  The winners of the first round will move on to the "Winners Round" and those who lost in the first round will move to a "Consolation Round", then another set of the-best-out-of-three games will be pitched to determine final placements (See Bracket).  Participants will pitch approximately 120-180 shoes.  This is a sanctioned tournament and results will be submitted to NATSTATS.  Divisions will be 40', 30', and Youth (Junior/Cadet combined)

Payout: All adult entries will receive payout.  Minimum payout per bracket is: 1st place=$125, 2nd place=$75, 3rd place=$50, 4th place=$20.  Additional money may be added to the payout from Sponsor funds and could be significant.  Youth who compete will be eligible for nice gift certificates.