Clay & Practice Courts


"Chenoa" Blue Clay all the way from Illinois is on-site and ready to be mixed for the 2017 World Tournament.

• We researched the elements, consistency and “playability” of clays from all across the country and brought samples of the best to the 2015 World Tournament.
• We asked participants at the 2015 World Tournament to vote on their favorite clay.
• They chose Illinois "Chenoa" Blue Clay! (This supported our research).
• We promised you the best clay for the World Tournament - that's what you’ll get!


We are pleased to be able to provide both indoor and outdoor practice courts.  Over 40 courts will be accessible to you during the World Tournament, including on-site courts.

Indoor Practice Courts

The Host Committee is providing 10 indoor practice courts.  

On-Site: 8 Courts.

Temple View RV Park: 2 Courts

IMPORTANT: Treat each practice session as you would a game.  That means you should water, turn, and cover the court when finished so it remains in prime condition for all users.

Outdoor Practice Courts

St George City boast's to the largest and newest horseshoe pitching complex in the Western US.  The 30 court facility is located at JC  Snow park, about 1 mile from the Dixie Center.  If you don't like the lines for the indoor courts, this is the place to be.  Beat the heat by practicing in the early morning and late evening.  Night pitching under lights may also be available.  Several companion Pitching Events will take place here during the World Tournament.