How to Watch

We invite all locals to come to the Dixie Center to watch the competition in person.  

If you are out of the area, not to worry, we've got you covered too (scroll to bottom).

Watching the action at the Dixie Center in person

These helpful tips and insights will aid your understanding of the competition and also ensure you more fully enjoy what you are seeing.  You may want to reference this page while at the tournament on your electronic device.

- Background Tournament Information

  • Each class at the tournament is comprised on players of very similar skill level from the novice on up to the the seasoned pros.
  • Classes are grouped by "divisions"
    • Men: ages 19+ pitch from 40'
    • Women: ages 19+ pitch from 30'
    • Senior Men: ages 60+ pitch from 40'
    • Senior Women: ages 60+ Pitch from 30'
    • Elder Men: ages 70+ pitch from 30'
    • Junior Boys: ages 13-18 pitch from 30'
    • Junior Girls: ages 13-18 pitch from 30'
    • Cadets: all ages under 13 pitch from  20' 
  • Classes play 5 games (a shift) each day for 3 days.
  • There are 3 or more shifts most days starting around 8:00am and running until after 10:00pm.
  • Class championships are usually decided during play on the 3rd day.
  • The highest skilled players from the classes are then seeded into Division Championships.
  • Division Championships are July 22 for the Juniors and Cadet (youth) and July 27-29 for the adult divisions.
  • Some of the most intense competition is had during the division championships as the highest skilled players battle for the top honors.
  • Winners of each class and division receive a nice trophy, financial winnings, and bragging rights for the year.

 Many of the people sitting in the stands are friends and family of the competitors out on the courts.  They are usually more than happy to share insight and offer additional helpful tips - so, don't hesitate to ask questions about what is happening on the courts or about the tournament in general. 

Watching the action over the internet

The World tournament is streamed live on the internet.  Several cameras have been strategically placed around the pitching area and the content streamed live on the web.  The cameras are security grade cameras.  They are great for showing the general action and even allowing you to hear the iconic sounds of this tournament.  However, details such as scores may not be fully visible.  The action is best viewed in person at the Dixie Center - however, if you are out of the area and want to keep up on the action as best you can, these cameras are a good second option.